Find me a Closer!

The backbone of every retail jewelry store: the sales staff.  Store owners often ask if I know of some good salespeople and more specifically they ask me to "Find a Closer!"  The people that not only know how to greet the customers, show them merchandise, and make them feel at home, but know how to close that sale.

Now most great salespeople advance into management at some point in their careers, but not everyone wants to step into the management spotlight.  If you are one of those passionate salespeople who thrives on closing the next sale, get in touch with us.

Right now, I have numerous high-end independent jewelry stores who would love nothing more than to see your passion shine through during the interview process before they make you an offer you can't refuse.


Store Management Opportunities

Currently we are actively seeking store management candidates for stores in the northern Indiana/Chicago market.  We also have management opportunities in the Carolinas, Alabama, and up in the northwest part of the country in Washington and Oregon.

These positions are with independent luxury jewelry stores.  Have an interest or know someone who is qualified and looking?  Please get in touch with us today!


Seeking Bench Jewelers

We have a number of positions this New Year for Bench Jewelers.  Some of the jobs will require repair and stone setting skills while other are more geared toward doing custom work.  Pay range is based on skill, most jobs fall somewhere in a $18-$25 an hour range.

Most of the openings we have today are in states like Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Arkansas, though we've been receiving more weekly.  Have an interest or know of someone with experience?  Contact us today!


E-commerce Position

Do you have a background or know someone with experience overseeing the development of an e-commerce jewelry website?  We are actively looking for qualified candidates for a six-figure position.  Candidates with relevant experience should contact us today at 800-474-8047 or email your resume to us at


2012 - A Brand New Year and a Brand New Look

Welcome to Premier Placements, Inc.'s Job Blog.  It's the New Year and we felt it was time to redesign our site.  Take a look around and let us know what you think via the comments or a private message in our contact section.

One of our goals this year is to keep potential candidates advised of new opportunities we have available, so check back often!  The information listed here publicly will be limited as most job opportunities are confidential searches for the companies that contact us.

If you see a position you are qualified for and interested in, please do not hesitate to contact our office to learn more about how you can be put in touch with our client.

Looking forward to hearing from you in 2012 and finding you your next great job in the jewelry industry!

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